A digital creative agency founded by Robbie Tripp. Hustling behind-the-screens for professional athletes and global influencers.

Phoenix, AZ

From the Desert to the Universe.

Influencer Marketing

The idea for Tripp Creative was first started after noticing the antiquated and bogged down processes of many influencer agencies. We believe in offering real value, hustling for our clients like their brand is our own, and not getting paid unless we’ve done our job bringing the big bucks to the table. Many influencers don’t know how to connect with brands and vice versa. Well, consider us your friendly neighborhood plug.
With over six years of experience in the influencer space, we have an extensive network of brand contacts and the knowledge to connect influencers with the brands they want to work with… and get them paid what they’re actually worth. We also use our expertise in working on the brand side as well, helping them find the right influencer to promote their next big launch. So whether you’re an influencer looking to work with your dream brand, or a brand looking for the perfect influencer to be a part of your new campaign, we’ll make it happen.