A digital creative agency founded by Robbie Tripp. Hustling behind-the-screens for professional athletes and global influencers.

Phoenix, AZ

From the Desert to the Universe.


It's 2019. All you need is WiFi and a dream. We'll help you hustle harder and smarter.

Tripp Creative was founded on the belief that influencer marketing is a new frontier filled with limitless opportunities, but one that many don’t know how to navigate. By combining our experience with creative branding, influencer marketing, social media growth strategy, and public relations for some of the world’s most popular athletes and social media personalities, we have created a new type of digital agency––one that’s more concerned with reaching deep into our network rather than your pockets.

Influence is now digital. Personal brands are now global brands. Creativity is the only thing that can cut through the noise. Your Instagram can be your income. Your website can be your wealth. We know how to give your personal brand an upgrade that leaves a lasting impression. We pride ourselves on connecting the right influencer with the right brands, and ensuring they’re paid what their audience/reach is actually worth. A new age of digital hustle has begun, and Tripp Creative is at the forefront.